Humor a Win-Win for Marketing

Leah Kinthaert

Photo by Jon Aslund

From the recent Kmart TV ad “Ship My Pants” to a great roundup earlier this month of “7 ways to win laughs in social media” by Drew Hubbard of iMediaConnection, humor – especially the silly, unsophisticated kind a 6 year old will understand – has been shown to be powerful marketing tool.  Drew describes the use of humor in marketing aptly: “humor — when done correctly — increases the likelihood that ads will be remembered and, more importantly, shared with others. And let’s face it: Knowing that you made a person laugh just feels good.”
I myself will never tire of puns, silliness and goofiness – good old fashioned, non-offensive-to-any-group-humor is a creative way to add life to anything from your marketing campaign to your work day. Who doesn’t want to high-five the guy dancing wildly in his Liberty Tax costume  or get a free ice cream cone from a lady dressed in a cow outfit?

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